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You have a clear vision of success.
Let’s work together to determine the strategy necessary to turn that dream into a reality.

Hi! I'm Sara Parker.

Life coach for teens and young adults.

Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, I was taught that goals were a matter of “how,” not “if.” I was a child with natural confidence and a wild imagination–always the loudest voice in the room.

I had a clear vision of where I belonged and what I brought to the table, and my hard-working, single mother had taught me to harness that sense of self into actionable steps I would take toward my goals in life. I wasn’t afraid to push the limits of structures and systems around me, or to challenge existing norms.

Like any adolescent, there were times where my confidence would wane. I noticed moments where I lost clarity, or felt like I didn’t belong as much as I once did. I struggled through some major life transitions like choosing a college and later moving away from my home, but at the time, I wasn’t understanding why.

As time went on, I regained confidence and became the trusted source for friends and colleagues, listening and offering tips and tricks to help them navigate their own transitions in life. Just like a strong power forward, my superhero strength is stepping in at the right moment, being quick and mobile, and adjusting the play for the success of my entire team.

I believe that everyone is made to achieve great things. But life isn’t a solo sport, and a good coach can maximize your individual potential. I founded Parker Playbook as a way to guide teens and young adults as they find and navigate their paths.

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Parker Playbook teams up with students and young adults who want to show up confidently and achieve success on their own terms.



We provide coaching and consulting to help teens and young adults gain confidence, set goals, and strategically step into their own path so they can make an impact on the world.



Our work together is guided by a shared commitment to education and learning, intrinsic motivation, and the inspiration to drive us toward success.

“Sara not only has great advice but she is also a great listener and sometimes feeling heard is just as important as the tools she will teach you."

Katelyn, Student and Technology Chief of Staff

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  • BS in Business Management and Marketing from Providence College

  • Study abroad at University of New South Wales Australia

  • Certificate in Advanced Management from Babson College

  • MBA from Babson College, F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business


  • Received the 2019 Babson Women’s Leadership Award

  • Received Babson Dean’s Leadership award in May 2021 as MBA student who shows the most potential for future achievement

  • Recognition awards from a financial institution for Outstanding Performance in Event Execution (53 cities, 21 states, 8 countries), Leadership, and Delivering Marketing Campaigns Above Expectations

What You Might Not Know About Sara

  1. Challenged norms by being the first female altar server as a child in her community

  2. Rallied education system to become first girl on boys’ basketball team

  3. Became a Vice President before turning 30 at a major global financial institution

  4. Board of Directors member for the Silver Lining Society at Columbia University Medical Center’s Hope and Heroes, which supports their work on pediatric cancer

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